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It’s always fun when you get a package and don’t have a slightest idea of what you have ordered… This time it was #Fab sending over some lovely pieces of wood and glass. It’s probably even harder to decide on the right one for my table now, they are all gorgeous… And the finish is really great so I suppose the furniture will have that awesome, heavy quality feeling I want. It’s gonna be tough fight in finals between Oiled Tobacco Birch and Wenge Stained Oak. The texture in that oak piece is just fantastic. Damn choices… Can’t you Fab guys just send me the whole damn table next time so I can try it in my kitchen? Ohh, yeah… 222*125 will do fine. With 15cm legs thankyouverymuch ;) #furniture #fabunique #wood #custommade #iwantoneinmykitchen (at The Pleasure Dome)

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